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Swazzle’s Audrey II Makes Her Debut!

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Swazzle’s Audrey II plant puppet will make her stage Debut in San Francisco on Tuesday November 10 in the Jewish Community High School’s production of Little Shop of Horrors.

The debut of Swazzle’s Audrey II plant puppets, marks the end of an ambitions building process that started in July of 2009. Swazzle assembled a small but dedicated team of puppet builders to make Audrey II, a process that took over three months to complete. After hours of work the build is done, and the plants are ready for the spotlight!

Little Shop of Horrors
November 10-11-12 at 7:30 p.m.
November 15 at 2:00 p.m.

JCHS Performing Arts Theater
1835 Ellis Street, San Francisco

$10 Adults; $5 Students

Reserve your tickets at 415.345.9777 ext. 100
or click here to order online.

Starring: Elana Cohn, Perri Davis, Ethan Hall, Sophie Kreeger, Beth Magid, Benjamin Marinoff, Ayelet Schrek, Uriel Sudikoff, Roza Trilesskaya, Nathan Wexler, Avi Whitten-Vile, Sophia Wilkof, Amy Williams, and Emily Uhlig

with Avrumi Reissberg on guitar, Alex Preneta on cello, Asher Groh on drums, Talia Beck on Clarinet, and Ben Josleff on trumpet

Based on the film by Roger Corman, Screenplay by Charles Griffith. Originally produced by the WPA Theatre (Kyle Renick, Producing Director). Originally produced at the Orpheum Theatre, New York City by the WPA Theatre, David Geffen, Cameron Mackintosh and the Shubert Organization. Presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).


Audrey II Plant Puppet Design

Please visit to rent Audrey II for your production of Little Shop of Horrors.

Before puppet building could began on Swazzle’s new Audrey Two plant puppets, they had to develop a puppet design. For this new set of Audrey Two plant puppets, Swazzle’s design team looked to Martin P. Robinson’s original puppet designs from the Off Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors. It was determined that Swazzle’s man eating plant puppets would have a similar head shape, but they would sport a bold new color palette.

Over the years many Audrey Two plant puppets have been created by novice puppet builders, professional puppet companies,  and prop houses. Many were inspired by Frank Oz’s feature film adaptation and have color palettes and paint scheme more suited to the big screen.

Instead of looking to Frank Oz’s cult classic for inspiration, Swazzle’s design team looked to nature. They used online resources like Google image search, to look for strange and unusual plants. All of the best images were gathered together, and pasted up on a bulletin board. After looking at the research images, Swazzle puppet designers, Patrick Johnson and Elizabeth Luce developed Audrey Two’s unique and contemporary color palette. Unlike most Audrey II plant puppets on the market, Swazzle’s puppets would avoid colors like black and red – instead using deep purple and hot pink.

The image in the photo above was the main design used by the puppet builders during the creation of Audrey II.


Swazzle’s Audrey II, Introduction

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In October 2008 Swazzle moved into it’s new workshop in Glendale, CA. The 1,000 square foot facility made it possible to create larger puppets unthinkable in the garage that once housed the L.A. based puppet company. With the summer 2009 puppet show season in full swing, Swazzle co-creative directors Sean and Patrick Johnson decided to begin an ambitions puppet building project – they would assemble a small team of puppet builders and create a brand new set of Audrey II plant puppets for the popular musical, Little Shop of Horrors.

Sean and Patrick had some experience with Audrey II. When the twin puppeteers were in college they were commissioned by a San Jose, CA based community theater to create a set of Audrey II plant puppets for their production of Little Shop of Horrors. The plants ran for weeks, and when the show closed, Sean and Patrick were contacted by high schools looking to rent the killer plants for their productions. That set of Audrey II plant puppets were featured in productions of Little Shop of Horrors from Sacramento to Irvine, and after years of successful appearances, the plants were retired, and dismantled.

Over the years Sean and Patrick discussed rebuilding the set of four Audrey II plant puppets using the knowledge they gained from the first build, and the subsequent rentals. But it was the new Swazzle workshop that made rebuilding Audrey II possible.

Building a set of Audrey II plant puppets is a challenging operation. During the course of the musical, little harmless Audrey II grows into a man eating monster. Sean and Patrick new they needed to get the best puppet builders on the job so they called upon puppet builder and costume designer Elizabeth Luce, and puppet builder and puppeteer, Russ Walko. With the small but talented team assembled puppet design could begin.

Since Audrey II first hit the stage in the Off Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors, many versions of the killer plant have been created. The plant puppets for the original 1982 stage production were created by Sesame Street puppeteer Martin P. Robinson. His designs were playful but sinister. The plant had sweeping curves,  cartoonish lips, and colorful warts.

In 1986 Muppeteer and film director Frank Oz brought Audrey II to the big screen, and his plat was a full blown cable controlled latex puppet. Since the film, many of the plants available for rent were based on the movie design. Plants based on the movie tended to be darker, scarier, and more detailed. While all of that looks great in close up, the effect is lost on stage. Swazzle wanted their Audrey II plant puppets to pop, and fit the fun and whimsy of the show.

After much research into both Audrey II and plant life, Swazzle’s team created a fresh Audrey II puppet  design. The shape of the man eating plant was inspired by the original Marty Robinson creation, but the color palette would be bold, and contemporary.

Making a set of Audrey II plant puppets takes lots of time and hard work. This blog will give you a detailed inside look at the creation of Swazzle’s Audrey II plant puppets – from design to final puppet.

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Look Out Here Comes

Audrey Two plant puppet made by Swazzle

Swazzle’s professional puppet designers and builders have created a brand-new set of four Audrey II plant puppets. Whether you are producing Little Shop of Horrors at a high school, college, or community theater, our professional Audrey II plant puppets are perfect for your production.

Swazzle’s Audrey II plant puppets were inspired by Martin P. Robinson’s designs for the original production of Little Shop of Horrors. The Swazzle team introduced a bright and contemporary color palette specially designed for the stage.

These professional Audrey II plant puppets are constructed from durable, lightweight materials to maximize performance possibilities. Rental includes a tutorial on how to perform each of the four puppets.

For Audrey II plant puppet rental information, please call 866-792-9953, e-mail, or visit